For this project, I created personal branding logos that incorporated my initials ("MS"), as well as numbers that hold personal significance in my life (a disjointed number 8 appears in one of the iterations because I was born in August). 

The final logos vaguely resemble their original sketched counterparts; my pencil illustrations were used more as a springboard than any sort of concrete guide for further icon development. Though, my initial sketched logo iterations were not entirely fruitless. For instance, the final logo on the left was created by combining the Ms of the font pictured in the top left pencil drawing. The final version of this logo is comprised of two rotated Ms, which have been overlapped to create an S-shaped cutout space between the letters, and displays a triad colorway that includes some of my personal favorite hues.

As for the "MS" maze logo, I experimented with numerous fonts, letter orientations, line spacing, etc. before I successfully created a version that satisfied my vision. The final maze construction is also functional, which I believe adds an exciting and unexpected additional dimension to the design. I chose a pink-and-green complementary color palette for the final rendition of this design because of green's association with growth and renewal, as well as pink to evoke feelings of playfulness and tenderness.

Both of the fonts used in these designs were downloaded from The first logo (the "8") is based on the font "Astral Groove" by user "Imagex," while the final logo (maze) utilizes the font "1B Maze" by user "To-be."

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